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peeled plywood



Panel consisting of an odd number of perpendicularly overlapping wood veneers and bonded together by synthetic resins, under the action of pressure at high temperature, which make a product having high stability, mechanical strength, tensile strength and a low level of cracking and warping.

It is subject to various kinds of coatings such as wood veneers or thin (hpl) laminates.

Depending on how the veneer is removed from the trunk, the plywood can have two configurations: peeled plywood and sliced plywood (listed or cutting plane, commercially designated as decorative plywood).

Within these settings are divided in different classes of bonding (C1, C2 and C3), depending on their intended use:  

Peeled Plywood C1 – made only with peeled wood veneer for use in dry conditions (interior applications with no risk of wetting);  

Peeled Plywood C2 - made only with peeled wood veneer, for use in humid conditions;

Peeled Plywood C3 - made only with peeled wood veneer, for use in exterior conditions (outdoor environments);

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