Welcome to Dubai Wood Show 2021!

GLOBALDECK Wood design

Globaldeck Wood Design is a solid wood deck of superior quality that provides a high resistance and gives the spaces characteristics associated with nature and tradition. This deck has the particularity of being able to assume several patterns and colors with the same species of wood, being a product with excellent anti-slip characteristics. The decks have been undergoing great improvements and what until recently was confined to a choice of material and color, now presents a wide range of choices adaptable to the most diverse situations. Be surprised by the varied patterns available, we make countless designs possible in a single species of wood! 

Other products

Wood, being a natural product, presents different patterns and shades, depending on the species, always with incomparable beauty and distinction. Globaldis sells a wide range of wood species, of certified or controlled origin, from all over the world. With more than 60 species available, wood can be supplied in logs or planks and is essential for the manufacture of numerous products in the area of  furniture, floors, interior and exterior cladding (including decoration) and for the execution of structures and buildings in wood for civil construction. Their availability and characteristics vary according to the regions of import. Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification ™, GLOBALDIS is committed to promoting FSC® and PEFC ™ certified wood (from sustainably managed forests). These entities also ensure that the route of raw materials from the forest to the final consumer is done responsibly without putting the forests at risk.