artificial grass

artificial grass
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Artificial grass produced in Europe which incorporates in its ranges, different grass solutions for different uses while maintaining the latest technological solutions using polyethylene fibers instead of polypropylene monofilaments and fibrillated fibers as an alternative to.

Furthermore, they use hybrid solutions of fibers of linear polyethylene and linear textured, in order to enhance the natural look of grass.

In the search for innovation and new technologies, we have new grass references for sports: tennis / paddle, golf, field hockey and rugby, among other sports, adapting the product to the characteristics of each sport and operating needs.

Artificial grass is ideal for a green and beautiful garden throughout the year, without wasting time in your maintenance solution. Never have to cut grass, weed, trim the edges, sprinkle ... It is also environmentally friendly as it uses less water, requires no pesticides or other chemicals, etc.

In the scenic countryside, where the tactile and visual comfort is the key, we resorted to the use of different materials to present solutions to the touch and pleasing to the eye and very similar to natural grass.

artificial grass