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The Portaro® SBD (Secured By Design) offers comfort and security within four walls, with emphasis on the anti-intrusion and anti-burglary features of its 30 and 60 minute door and frame sets. The option is accredited to BS 476 and EN13501-2 for fire resistance and PAS 24 and BS 644 for intrusion and burglary, with U-Value thermal coefficients of 2.1 and 1.8 W/m²K.

- Hinges and 3 point locking system;
- Intumescent seals and isolation profile;
- Automatic drop seal.



Portaro® Security is an option designed for residential and office entrances, combining fire resistance and acoustic and thermal isolation features.

Certified by recognised laboratories according to BS EN ISO standards with acoustic reduction up to 37dB, the solution incorporates:
- Shielded door and frame;
- Hinges and 3 point locking system.



Door and frame solution developed for interior spaces or home entrances made of a 44mm thick wood rail structure with a reinforced frame. Option available with automatic drop seal and security lock with one or 3 point locking system.


Portaro® Security:

- Portaro® Security
- SBD FD30
- SBD FD30 inverse
- SBD FD60
- RC2 EI45 AC45dB
- Security FD30 AC37dB