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Portaro® solution designed for installation in spaces where sound isolation requirements are essential as a comfort assurance. The several performances of the door set, frame and accessories guarantee an acoustic isolation which meets the levels required by the regulations for the different types of buildings. These doors feature interiors specifically developed for each degree of acoustic reduction, as well as thresholds, automatic seals and acoustic profiles all around the perimeter of the frame.

Besides the several levels of acoustic attenuation developed for each solution, these solutions can also be fire rated.



EI30 AC34 dB - Single and double leaf

EI30 AC41 dB - single leaf

EI30 AC42 dB -Single and double leaf

EI30 AC45 dB -single leaf

EI30 Inverse AC39 dB - single leaf

EI30 Inverse AC45 dB - single leaf

EI60 AC34 dB - Single and double leaf

EI60 AC43 dB - single leaf


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