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Wpc - Composite Deck

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Wpc - Composite Deck
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The Composite Deck (wpc) is an alternative to traditional wood.

It is a composite material of wood and thermoplastic polymer.

Available in two profiles: 28 x 23 x 150 mm and 150 mm, with five available colors (white, gray black, dark brown and light brown / rosewood).

It is innovative and combines the look and the nobility of wood with the strength and durability of polymers.



Easy Maintenance

Waiver surface treatments such as paint, oil, varnish, waterproofing, etc..

To keep in good condition is sufficient regular cleaning of its surface.

Great Durability

Does not rot, does not open cracks and is not attacked by insects.

It is resistant to weathering and aging.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycles waste from the timber industry. It is fully recyclable and reusable. In its formulation did not enter any toxic additives.

Economically advantageous

It has a competitive price, high durability and low maintenance costs, making it a great and lasting investment.

Easy to apply

Using the conventional tools quickly and easily becomes possible to apply a wpc deck.

Safety and comfort

Not crack or splinter. It is less slippery. It has a soft and comfortable touch.

Wpc - Composite Deck