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Betonyp® is a board composed of a combination of wood particles (mainly Pine) and Portland cement. This process results in a solution to technical, functional and sustainable requirements corresponding to the current market situation. By combining the resistance and flexibility of the wood with the durability and rigidity of the cement, it provides a high range of applications, both in exteriors and in interiors, as it guarantees high resistance to impact, fire, moisture, thermal variations, noise and fungi, and also a high durability.



  • The product is CE certified;
  • Fire performance class B-S1, d0 (according to EN 13501-1);
  • Production process is reviewed by ÉMI once a year;



  • Size (mm) 3200x1250
  • Widths (mm) +- 0.7
  • Density 1350 +- 75kg/m³



  • Facades, walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, furniture, interior decoration, urban furniture and more.


Product features:

  • Moisture resistant product;
  • Impact resistant;
  • Fungi and insect resistant;
  • Fire resistant and with anti-combustion properties.