Compact HPL

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Compact HPL
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Solid HPL (High Pressure Laminate) for the interior is a decorative laminate produced according to EN438 and ISO 4586 standards.

It is a panel consisting of layers of fibrous cellulose material (usually paper) impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded together by a process of high pressure and temperature.

Basically, about 70% of HPL consists of paper (cellulose-based materials) and the remainings 30% consist of cured phenol - formaldehyde resins for core and melamine-formaldehyde layers to the surface layer. It is possible, by special production, manufacturing HPL panels without formaldehyde content.

It is considered Solid HPL a panel with> = 2 mm, and may have one or two decorative faces up to 4mm thickness, from that thickness is exclusively produced with two decorative faces. This product is also known commercially as a compact.

High mechanical strength, excellent moisture resistance properties, mechanical and other physical features, plus a range of decorative patterns ranging from simple plain colours up to completely unique range of decors, make this product a versatile solution for a world of enduring and endless applications.


3 | 10 | 12 x 4320 x 1860mm 


Compact HPL