solid wood

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solid wood
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The multilayer panels are large (5050 x 2050 mm, usually) consisting of 3 or 5 layers of spruce (can also be in larch, douglas or scots pine) glued transversely (cross) with adhesive based on melamine resin, applied hot. 
Are used for structural wood construction, developed for application in the construction of high quality: manufacture of interior walls (coating), floors, ceilings, furniture manufacture, doors, containers, bodies and advertising placards, among other uses. 

Globaldis have stock of the following panels and thicknesses: 

- 3 ply: 12, 16, 19, 27, 30, 32 mm; 

- 5 ply: 35 mm; 

Others on request.


Special panels

For special elements of decoration where the visual character of solid wood is crucial, there is the possibility of offering single ply solid wood panels of spruce (can also be in larch, douglas or scots pine) with the size of 5000 x 1200mm and thicknesses from 14 to 56mm, upon request. 
Globaldis can also offer decorative panels with special features: 
  • manufacture: 3 ply panel of spruce: steamed or under heat treatment or with tops of 3mm in MDF (5 ply); 
  • surface processing (in one or two faces): Textured, brushed or punched; 
  • edge processing: groove; Tongue & groove, groove with chamfer, T&G with chamfer.

solid wood


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