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The base plate is OSB Superfinish  board, to EN 300 standard, labeled as OSB 3 and equipped with patented fire-resistant Pyrotite finish on one or both sides. As opposed to conventional wood-based boards, the OSB Firestop has a better classification in the evaluation of reaction to fire. According to European classification (EN 13501-1), it meets class B-s1, d0. The Pyrotite finish coating consists of fireproof materials that are based on magnesium oxide, reinforced with a fiberglass mesh. This finish provides a very strong connection with OSB board in addition to the high resistance to burning. Furthermore, it increases the board bending and shear strength in all thickness categories.

OSB Firestop boards provide the strength and safety of building structures. During a fire they ensure integrity for a much longer duration than, for example; drywall. Additionally OSB Firestop boards are lighter and stronger than drywall.

With the same thickness they achieve comparable fire resistance qualities to cladding systems based on a combination of OSB boards and drywall. Using OSB Firestop boards saves assembly time and is more cost-effective. Pyrotite technology for OSB boards has more than fifteen years of verified functionality. In contrast to conventional fire protective coatings designed for wood-based products, Pyrotite does not lose its protective qualities over time.


  • cost advantageous;
  • easy fixation usins conventional fasteners (screws; nails, staples);
  • easy processing;
  • flame retardant, ability not to contribute to fire spread and not to form burning droplets.



  • cladding in public spaces with increased fire risk assessment requirements;
  • construction of roofs or shelters;
  • in public spaces which are subject to stringent fire risk assessment;
  • load-bearing wall sheathing.


osb ignífugo