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ThermoWood® is a type of modified wood in which a timber is subjected to one of two types of thermal heat treatment (185/190 – Thermo S - Stability or 200/212 - Thermo D - Durability) and water vapour, 100 % natural (contains no chemicals), hygienic and ecological (the burning and recycling of surplus material are perfectly safe).

With this treatment, the wood is given an improved dimensional stability (with the reduction of the equilibrium moisture content) and a longer durability (with a better thermal insulation and for the drying and disappearance of resin, avoiding the formation of mold and rot).

The wood gets uniformly a brown color with a nice velvety surface to the touch.

The wood Thermo-D is a kind of ideal for exterior environments, so the main applications are the exterior cladding and the deck (for pools, terraces, walkways, balconies, patios).

The wood Thermo-S is used mainly in interiors: flooring, cladding, moldings, ceilings, walls, panels, furniture, saunas, stairs, among others.