Baubuche Beam GL75

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Baubuche Beam GL75
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Beech beams composed of Baubauche S lamellae, 40mm thick, glued in parallel. Thanks to its beauty and unmatched strength, the Baubuche GL75 opens up new perspectives for the use of beams and can be used for various applications in framework construction and interior design. Its intense strength allows to create thin structures for heavy loads and great durability. Its sides have lamellae, while the smooth surface of the wood is visible at the top. These beams are used for purposes, being indicated for application in all areas of modern construction and not only as elements of building loads.


Baubuche GL75 highlights the following characteristics:

-Resulting from its high resistance, it reduces the consumption of raw material, benefiting the space and interior luminosity

-High density and homogeneity that reduces assemblies, hence costs.

-Competitive price thanks to optimized manufacturing and use of economical material

-  Baubuche uses raw material from sustainable forests with PEFC certification.

-The wood product is beneficial for the environment since it produces oxygen and fixes CO2 in the forest.


Available dimensions:

Width - 50mm to 300mm

Height - 80mm, and can go up to 1360mm.

Length - available up to 18 m.


Baubuche Beam GL75