Gullam Beams

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Gullam Beams
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These beams of glued laminated timber, are made of several lamellas of 40mm thick, glued horizontally for a wider range of sections (can go up to almost 2 m in height). They are also joined by finger-joint to obtain large lengths (usually up to 13,5 meters). So, they are used for advanced and demanding buildings as an alternative to steel and concrete, allowing you to configure the interior spaces in multiple ways.

These beams are sold in two qualities, visual and industrial, and classified into classes of resistance:

These may be H-homogenous(more resistant) or K/C-combined (most common).

  • GL24/BS11;
  • GL28/BS14;
  • GL32/BS16;
  • GL36/BS18.

Gullam Beams