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smart floors

everest (designer, elite e premier)



Nothing compares to the uniqueness of a wood floor that makes us transport to truly unique environments.

Your look & feel are the epitome of longevity, strength and perfection.

The natural wood means beauty and distinction.


The ingenious construction of the collection Everest ensures:

- high resistance due to the incorporation of high density wood;

- high resistance to wear, thanks to the excellent coating quality;

- thermal and acoustic comfort through the use of a cork layer;

- anti-bacterial protection through the use of Microban technology built into the cork;

- The result of the use of dimensional stability HDF panels with low rate of swelling.

- Easy installation thanks to Uniclic ® fit technology;


Other features:

  • Natural wood veneer with variety, including exotic;
  • Waiver Underlay (has incorporated cork);
  • 4 sides micro beveled;
  • High impact resistance;
  • Warranty wear 15, 20 and 25 years (residential) as collections - GOOD 10mm, 12mm BETTER, BEST 15mm;
  • Possibility of using the Bulldog tool.

smart floors




Based on a unique trilogy of contemporary values - nature, design and durability - this floating floor is made from 100% recycled leather.

Cutting edge technology and creativity come together in an innovative solution: comfortable, easy to apply, durable and environmentally friendly.

Exclusive, elegant and sophisticated, leather floors, with distinction beyond the passage of time and the most demanding use, retains its flawless appearance year after year.

Available in a diverse range of colors and textures ensures a single performance: softness to the touch, sound insulation and anti-bacterial protection.


Main features:

  • silent;
  • Pleasing to the touch;
  • Environment Friendly - 100% Recycled Leather;
  • Uniclic ® fit technology;
  • High acoustic and thermal performance;
  • High impact resistance;
  • Cork underlay embedded with Microban;
  • Wear warranty 25 years (residential);
  • Possibility of using the Bulldog tool.

smart floors

cork florence and imagin cork



Ancient secret of life - the cork is the paradigm of sustainability.

A raw material 100% natural and renewable, which is based on the balance of assembled a biodiversity hotspot.

Independent studies show that the flexibility of cork and its absorptive capacity contributes decisively to the biomechanical performance of the coatings, reducing overhead and reducing fatigue.

We joined him a bold and ingenious combination of décors cork and take to yourself a cozy, serene and comfortable floor - the essence of your environment!

Uniquely textured and engaging, puts his feet on nature protection, lined with sophisticated technology that ensures:

  • waterproof;
  • resistance;
  • isolation;
  • anti-bacterial protection.


These two collections are prepared to use the Bulldog tool.

smart floors




Produced from natural raw materials and renewable (linseed oil, cork, resins and limestone dust), this floor combines the properties of linoleum and cork. The use of cork linoleum with Microban provides a really safe indoor environment.

Easy application, by Uniclic system, this floating flooring comprises a surface layer linoleum (2mm thick), which joins the cork, which reduces the transmission of sound and temperature variation, a high density fiber - HDF, providing dimensional stability and strength.

Available in an attractive, vibrant and appealing colors in an elegant marbled pattern palette, with all the proof durability (wear warranty 15 years - residential), hypoallergenic, easy to use and maintenance, Linocork has a place in residential and commercial applications contemporary.

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