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ThermoWood® deck

modified wood by thermo-treatment


Deck of Nordic pine wood, subject to (Thermo-D) heat treatment of intense heat and water vapor. With this treatment, the wood is given an improved dimensional stability (with decreasing moisture balance) and durability (thermal insulation and by the disappearance of resin and drying, avoiding the formation of mold and rot).

This modification is a process that also improves the resistance to UV degradation and, among others, producing a new material, where in the end of the life cycle of the product, this does not present a hazard to the environment of the upper timber without treatment.

As a Thermo-D Wood is inserted in durability class 2 in accordance with the standard EN113, with expected useful life of the order of 25 years.

Available in size of 26mm (thickness) by 118mm (width), with concealed fixing. Availability of other measures on request.

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