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  • Slider Duo-Trio laminated beams


look and feel of solid wood


Spruce beams with 2 (duo) or 3 (trio) timber lamella bonded together on the surface/vertically, then with more limited sections (usually range between 80-210mm in wide by 100-240mm height) and also joined by finger-joint (normally up to 13,5 meters, normally but can also go up to 26 meters).

Due to the small number of glue joints, they are particularly suitable for appearance applications (air-tight building envelopes or where sophisticated design standards are imposed), where the beams are visible, emphasising the character of solid wood, so it is considered a premium building material (crack-resistant timber surface and free-of-heart centre for precise fitting and dimensional stability, thanks to special production techniques).

These beams are sold mostly in visual but also and industrial quality, and classified as C24, according to the DIN 1052.

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