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Wood Veneer

natural or reconstituted


The veneer of natural wood is a 100% natural product, which allows to cost savings (through its application on other wood-based panels), get the same aesthetic effect of the use of solid wood, without the need of thinning forests to obtain because the trunks to leaf are selected with very strict criteria of quality and diameter, so the choice is much more limited. 

The veneer of natural wood is extracted mainly from the first cut of the log/butt log (part attached to the root of the tree up to the first branches), usually after cooking through the operation of peeling or slicing (figured, listed, Rift ). 

One can get reconstituted (pre-made, selected) veneer, obtained from natural wood, which is linked after peeled and stratified. 

The specifications are given for the quality and length (door or panel). 

GLOBALDIS sells a variety of noble essences and reconstituted, such as: White Oak (american and european, listed and figured), cherry, ebony, steamed beech, mahogany (sapeli), walnut, teak, wenge, beyond natural essences or other pre-composed, on request, that is, from the lightest to the darkest.

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