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hpl furniture

with interior solid hpl


The HPL furniture is produced with the use of solid HPL of interior. The thicknesses normally used in the manufacture of HPL furniture are 10mm and 12mm, however, given the versatility of the product, it is possible to manufacture furniture panels with thickness up to 30mm. 
Based on the properties of HPL interior, the HPL furniture solutions are often sought for highly demanding environments, where resistance, ease of cleaning, hygiene and durability are desired criteria. So the Globaldis offer of HPL furniture is based on the following solutions: 
  • Cabins | Toilet Partitions; 
  • Separators | Urinal Stalls; 
  • Lockers; 
  • Banks (w / metal frame); 
  • Table tops | kitchen worktops; 
  • Cabinets; 
Note: See construction details and offer available in the brochure attached.

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