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portaro® project


In perfect harmony with dimension improvement of new products, Globaldis introduces the Portaro® Project concept.

The "door" can take on relevant factors of differentiation in its form and functionality. This concept presents innovative solutions at various levels from design and finishing to constructive solutions or techniques.

In order to present global carpentry solutions, the Portaro® Project conceived for developing solutions, certified or constructive solutions always under the framework of the architectural concept designed for each single project.

It is in the heart of the Vicaima Design, Development and Innovation Department that Globaldis studies and analyzes, based on the productive know how, the idealization of each designer, leading each project to success.

In addition to the door and frame products, the Portaro® Project contemplates solutions that include the most distinct details in Taylor Made implementation and solution, being this product defined for major projects and architectural authorship.


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