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  • Beach Bar

Bar / Kiosk

Stella and Kitty models


Model "Stella":


  • wall thickness of 16mm;
  • area in square meters: 5,2m²;
  • roof boards with 16mm thickness;
  • do not include floor boards;
  • needs 2 rols of roofing felt, for roof covering


Model "Kitty":

  • wall thickness of  28mm;
  • area in square meters: 4,3m2;
  • roof boards and floor boards with 19mm thickness;
  • needs 2 rols of roofing felt, for roof covering


Features common to both models:

  • a complete assembly kit (profiled wood for walls, roof eaves, doors and shutters, roofing felt for roof covering, as models);
  • including detailled instalation manual in 5 languages;
  • solid construction and durability with use of high-quality technology;
  • 5 years of guarantee.

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