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Premium Worktops and Doors for Kitchens 

Globaldis recently included in its range the laminate FÉNIX NTM for worktops, drawer fronts and doors for kitchens. An innovative product that involves the use of nanotechnology and whose decorative surface is obtained with the use of latest generation resins. This laminate of special features, guarantees a unique performance for horizontal and vertical applications, and integrates the following main characteristics:

  • Scratch resistance and abrasion five times more than the standard HPL, with the particularity that the risks may be "repairable";
  • enhanced anti-bacterial properties;
  • Anti-static and water repellent;
  • High dimensional stability, even under large temperature differences;
  • Highly resistant to household solvents and acid reagents;
  • Matte surface with low reflection (1.7%);
  • Does not leave fingerprint marks, even in dark colors (only in this hpl);
  • Smooth, velvety touch.

    Download Catalogue of Fenix NTM >

Standard Worktops and Doors for Kitchens
Solid and Thin Laminates (HPL)

With a range of high quality, Globaldis still have available for this type of application a wide selection of worktops in solid HPL with surfaces that require low maintenance, provide fire resistance and allow easy combination with other materials creating unique pieces.

This product is available in a wide selection of plain colors.  Download Catalogue of Solid HPL >

Globaldis have also available in its range, worktops for kitchen in postforming - chipboard coated with thin laminate.

For kitchen doors and drawer fronts, Arpa presents a set of 40 laminate décors, ranging from flat colors, the wood imitation’s, to metal or textured. With perimeter edge, this door has an inside face with particles of wood fiber, always assuring a plain and homogeneous surface. Download Catalogue of Thin laminates >

If you wish to obtain samples of these products, ask our "Globaldis for Kitchen Box" that you can customize with your logo. See Globaldis for Kitchen Box >

Modules & Components

In the solutions for kitchen, Globaldis also presents upper and lower modules with different dimensions, allowing adaptation to different areas and modulations. This product is packed and supplied with the accessories required for mounting accessories.
Download Catalogue of Modules >

Complementing the range are also available other components, as supports for raised floors and skirtings.

furniture and components

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