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Portaro® solutions designed for installation in areas where the requirements of sound insulation as a guarantee of comfort are essential. The different performances of the door set, frame and accessories guarantee a sound insulation to the levels required by law for different types of buildings. The acoustic reduction is improved by the constructive characteristics of the door, whose interior is specifically designed for each level of acoustic reduction, and together with joint seals and isolation profiles around the perimeter of the frame, give it a number of acoustic features.

In addition to the various levels of sound isolation developed for each solution, there is still the option of these solutions to be certified as fireproof.



AC 32 db - 1 L (leaf);

AC 33 db FD30 - 1 L;

AC 32 db FD30 - 2 L;

AC 35 db FD60 - 1 L;

AC 37 db FD30 - 1 L;

AC 41 db FD30 - 2 L;

AC 42 db FD30 - 1 L;

AC 38 dB FD45 - 1L.


Symbology of Certification Bodies

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