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GLOBALDIS favors monitoring close to the client or prescriber and therefore provides the Technical Support Office - GSAT . This Department is composed of a multidisciplinary team of specialized technicians who will be able to support you at the most varied levels:

  • Study and detailed analysis of projects, presenting innovative and integrated solutions, from design and finishing, to constructive and technical solutions;
  • Clarification of doubts and advice, with specialized information on the various materials and their characteristics;
  • Indication of products suitable for different types of application and use, in order to comply with the legislative requirements in force, as is the case with fireproof products;
    • Development and presentation of tailor-made solutions, namely for large projects and architectural authorship;
    • GLOBALDIS favors sustainable construction and as such offers a wide range of products with FSC® or PEFC certification. Contact us to learn more about these environmentally friendly products and make your enterprise or project more environmentally friendly.


Complementing the technical support in the design phase, GLOBALDIS also provides the Technical Support Service that coordinates and supervises the installation of products on site.