Services Wood cutting and edging

Wood cutting and edging


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For greater customer convenience, GLOBALDIS offers other associated services, such as cutting and drying wood.

The brand has installed capacity and know-how that allows it to execute:

  • Log sawing - With an experience acquired over decades with regard to wood, GLOBALDIS has equipment for sawing logs in the most varied dimensions and types of wood;
  • Barrotes and Rastrel - This service is intended for cutting wood suitable for installing floors and frameworks of houses;
  • Wood Drying - Equipped with high-precision dryers, GLOBALDIS offers its customers a wood drying service with specific moisture levels and according to the needs of use.


The cut-to-measure service allows the customer to offer products in the desired dimensions, thus facilitating the direct application of the material, as well as its transport.

  • Cut-to-Measure Service - Service indicated for cutting all types of panels - chipboard, MDF, OSB, plywood and laminate;
  • Embroidering Service - GLOBALDIS has equipment capable of embroidering different types of panels, enabling the delivery of a finished product, ready to install.